About us

MyCostaCasa was formed in 2014, when we the partners felt that the market was buoyant and set for a boom.

Having lived on the Costa Del Sol since 1999, gaining 18 years of experience within Real estate and associated businesses, we have an extensive knowledge of sales, public relations and structured property investments. Over the years we have witnessed the good times and the bad. We felt that with the market showing great signs of recovery, 2014 was a great time to set up our own real estate business. 

MyCostaCasa is an innovative business. We concentrate on treating our clients with the respect they deserve by most crucially listening to them! In a vast property market we strive to find properties exacting their requirements, rather than trying to sell something that may not be entirely suitable. 

We offer a a bespoke property finding service.

We are a small team of professionals who pride ourselves on our personal touch treating our clients/friends like people instead of numbers. Dedicating more time to their needs.

Our goal is to find our clients exactly what they dream of even if it takes 2-3 visits before we get it right…….but we do get it right, just take a look at our testimonials.

We aim to provide a complete service, from the initial contact, through the sale and often for years afterwards. We work closely with other professionals, lawyers, financial advisers, builders etc. and are happy to assist you every step of the way with whatever you require.

Our aim is to make your experience seamless and stress free through what can sometimes be quite a daunting process.

Good luck with your property searches whether it be with us or another reputable agent…..and welcome to the Costa Del Sol.