Captain & Mrs Watt (Scotland)

When we came out to Spain to house hunt we were let down by an estate agent but we also had an appointment with Mark which proved to be the best thing we did as he worked on our behalf and not the seller.

He allowed us to see the houses we had been looking at from previous visits and on the internet to get a feel for us then asked us a series of questions as to what we wanted and our wish list, from this he came back with 8 houses for sale of the type we requested from which we ended up putting in an offer on 2 of them and got one.

During the buying process Mark advised us as to what to offer which was certainly a substantial saving from the asking price and he then guided us through the legal complexities and put us in contact with a reputable Lawyer with whom we have had no complaints.

Therefore I have no hesitation in saying trust this man as he knows what he is doing and apart from being a nice person he is very knowledgable in his field and also protective of his clients.

Robert & Helen Watt