Mike & Julie Winslade

We first met Mark about 3 years ago and found him very amicable and friendly. Always there to assist or just have a chat, coming across as the sort of person who had knowledge and was fully aware of the way the world worked.

More recently, my wife and I had decided to move to Spain on a more permanent basis and had no hesitation on seeking out Mark for advice on all aspects of this decision. Not only was he prepared to source a few properties for viewings, having listened to our requirements, as well as taking an interest in the viewings and investigating the potential downfalls in each property. Within a very short time, he was able to help negotiate a suitable deal on the property we liked, guiding us across various hurdles, also being able to source a reasonable solicitor, advantageous money exchange facility as well as recommending some contractors for minor remedial work.

We have since completed and moved into our apartment and have had a lot of support with retail recommendations, translations and general support. In all, we consider ourselves very lucky to be part of the Mark & Sharon Richards group.

Michael J Winslade